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In university courses, technical content is usually deepened through exercises and internships. The internships are often introduced through experiment instructions and carried out...
Üpping, J.
Schäffer, D.
In: OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts (2018). TeachingXChange. 3. Aufl. Location: Lemgo
The results of numerical simulations of a single impinging jet, using different numerical parameters, are presented. In order to simulate the heat and mass transfer in industrial...
Chitsazan, A.
Klepp, G.
Glasmacher, B.
In: 4th International Conference on Computational Engineering (ICCE2017) Ort: Darmstadt
Mit der Gründung des Future Energy - Institut für Energieforschung (iFE) im Jahr 2017 begann ein neues Forschungskapitel an der Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Der Jahresbericht...
Future Energy - Institut für Enerigeforschung
Ort: Lemgo
In this paper, concepts for an extended DC network for the main power supply of components from various manufacturers in industrial production are presented. In the first part...
Borcherding, H.
Austermann, J.
Kuhlmann, T.
Weis, B.
Leonide, A.
In: 2017 Second IEEE International Conference on DC Micogrids (ICDCM) Ort: Nürnberg