Smart Country Storage - Investigating the storage capacity of renewable energy at neighbourhood level


In this project, a feasibility study for a possible future energy service in the model village of Hagedorn (Steinheim model municipality) is to be created in order to maintain value creation in the region and at the same time reduce energy supply costs.
This service is intended to generate a joint future benefit from the currently installed photovoltaic systems (possibly also wind turbines), when these systems are no longer subsidised by the EEG (German Renewable Energy Act) after 20 years. For this purpose, energy is purchased locally by the system owners, stored in decentralized storage and then consumed locally again in order to generate a higher neighbourhood energy self-sufficiency. This makes it possible to maintain value creation in the region by giving owners of renewable energy equipment a higher price than by lowering the electricity exchange futures market and at the same time lowering the electricity supply costs of the villagers.
A simulation of the model region is being developed so that optimal electrical storage capacities, electrical storage performances and an expansion path can be determined, depending on the commissioning times of the EEG plants. Furthermore, the scaling of this concept from the Hagedorn model village over the entire town area of Steinheim is being considered for the integration of wind turbines.
Finally, a business case is to be created in order to determine the maximum investment costs for such a business model with a given profitability.


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