Bachelor thesis on the subject of "Fluid dynamics measurement in the wind tunnel" to be awarded

Dear students,

we have a thesis on the subject of "flow technology measurement in the wind tunnel".


As part of the ZIM project RTAero, a pneumatic probe for measuring the speed of bicycles was designed. The aforementioned sensor has already been examined with the help of a computer using detailed CFD analyzes and is now to be measured and validated under real conditions within the wind tunnel at the TH OWL. Variants of the approach velocity and the approach angle are to be examined.

The following tasks are waiting for you:

  • Construction of a sensor holder with a variable azimuth angle
  • Planning and implementation of a digital recording of measured values ​​(simultaneous digital recording and storage of the parameters of the wind tunnel and pressure values ​​of the sensor (e.g. using LabView)
  • Parameter study regarding the approach velocity and the azimuth angle
  • Evaluation of the results and comparison with the results of the CFD analyses

The team around Prof. Georg Klepp is looking for a committed personality who

  • has fun and interest in experimental fluid mechanics
  • works independently and acts responsibly and
  • has experience in working with LabView (desirable, not a must-have).

If you feel addressed, you can start working on the content asap.

Download (only available in German):

Are you interested? Please get in touch with Prof. Klepp or Mr. Filippi: