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P2P Energy - Partner2Partner Energy: European partner network on climate protection and energy efficiency


The industry and the residential building sector have considerable potential for implementing energy efficiency and energy saving measures. In order to promote dynamic development in the IT and outsourcing sectors and to keep mechanical engineering attractive for foreign investment, especially in the automotive parts sector, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness and efficiency of industrial enterprises. At the same time, the increase in energy consumption in the private sector shows that the building stock in the area of private buildings is associated with high-energy costs and negative impacts on people and the environment. While national action plans and programmes regulate the energy efficiency of new buildings, the challenge lies with existing buildings, which are not subject to uniform regulations for renovation (e.g. external façades). The examples show that a variety of southeast European countries has not yet exhausted their possibilities and that a transition from traditional to current understanding and thinking of "energy efficient buildings" to "near zero energy buildings" is necessary. The above-mentioned transition can be shaped by cross-border cooperation in the areas of knowledge exchange and knowledge transfer.

Against this background, partners from Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania and Bulgaria are committed to the goal of establishing a transnational expert network in which expertise, best practice examples, questions and problems of the building and energy sectors are discussed interdisciplinarily and solutions are developed.

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