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Flexibility is the essential prerequisite for sector coupling. Studies show that a robust model of transformation is required to transform today's energy system into an energy system of the future. In particular, the shutdown of wind energy, photovoltaic and biomass plants means that several billion kilowatt hours of electricity are lost each year. Reasons for the curtailment can be network bottlenecks or lack of flexibility of conventional power plants and combined heat and power plants. In order to successfully expand the network and make the controllable electricity generation more flexible, the possibilities of further increasing efficiency, further energy savings and sensible storage would have to be used.

The aim of the "SynErgieOWL" project is therefore to shift the electricity requirements of private households for heating applications and electromobility to these energy sources in times of high supply of renewable electricity (e.g. from the sun or wind). That Renewably produced energy, which would have to be curtailed, is used by them through a market price-optimized, cost-effective control process for heating applications and e-mobility in private households. While previous approaches failed due to the high ICT costs for control, the exchange-linked operation of the system components will enable new and cost-reduced approaches to be tested. As a result, SynErgieOWL provides concrete business models for power distribution and distribution system operators, as well as manufacturers of control technology, heat pumps and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

This project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Europäischer Fonds für regionale Entwicklung


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