Your career: do-gooders

Do you have recently graduated from high school or university, and are now highly motivated to improve the quality and openness to living in Germany and the wider world? Are you interested in energy-related topics, such as energy efficiency, technical systems, digitalisation, building physics, user comfort, energy supply, industrial production processes, and virtual business?

Great! We are always seeking young, dynamic, motivated, and creative talents that are interested in research and teaching.

About Future Energy

The research institute Future Energy (iFE) is the youngest and second largest research institute at OWL University of Applied Sciences. Found in 2017, the iFE  is the first interdisciplinary research institute that encourages the overall energy transition process through several research approaches and methods.

From the optimisation of energy supply systems in residential areas and industrial maschines, over the development of energy efficient drive technologies for electric and hybrid vehicles to the investigation of user comfort in residential and industrial districts, our 40-strong team investigates different topics in the areas of quarters, mobility and industry.

Do you want to learn more about our work? Please view our research focus in order to do so:

In our research projects, we primarily focus on energy-efficient technologies in quarters, mobility and industries…

Our offer

In search of highly motivated employees, there are different ways to board iFE:

  • Graduation/ student theses
  • Student assistant
  • Research assistant

Graduation and student theses are scientific papers that are made by students as part of their study curriculum. While student theses will primarily prepare students for their graduation thesis, the graduation thesis (Bachelor/ Master thesis) is the academic work that is essential in obtaining an academic degree.

Are you interested in doing your graduation/ student thesis at iFE? You find current thesis topics by clicking on the link below:

Regularly, we are seeking highly motivated and reliable students interested in completing their graduation and/ or…





As a student assistant you gain (first) working experience while studying at OWL University of Applied Sciences.

In that role, you will overall support the scientific staff in its daily workflow. Your tasks will change regularly and depend on research projects' and/ or research focus' your supervisor works on.

You will get a salary that depends on the conditions under which you work as a student assistant.

If you are interested in becoming a student assisant, then you might apply for one of our vancancies:

Are you interested in research? Do you want to gain first working experience? On a regular basis, we are seeking…






Regularly, doctorate candidates realize their PhD thesis within the framework of a research project. In that context, you are a project member and responsible for certain tasks and milestones that are vital for the success of the project. Your doctoral thesis is directly or indirectly tied to the research project's aim; hence, you will continuously deal with your dissertation topic whether you discuss with research and/ or business partners or do a literature review in order to put your research topic into a scientific context. Overall, there are offered ideal conditions with that you can obtain a doctoral degree.

In our research projects, we primarily focus on energy-efficient technologies in quarters, mobility and industries…

The topic of your dissertation depends on the research focus of your supervisor at OWL University of Applied Sciences, the research focus of the university supervisor, and of course, the purpose of the research project. In accordance with the iFE's research focus, research projects, and likewise your PhD thesis, deal with our core competences in building infrastructure and user comfort, regenerative energy supply and storage, automation and drive technologies, and energy management. To familiarize with them, have a closer look at our research focus.


Research assistant in research and teaching

Next to doing a doctorate, you can be employed as a regular research assistant in research and teaching.

Research assistants in research work as a project member in a research project funded by business and/ or public partners. The only difference being that at the end of the project, you will not have obtained a doctorate.

Employers in teaching are responsible for giving lectures, seminars and practical exercises. They prepare the classes they give and supervise students on their graduation, or student theses.

Being a research assistant in research and teaching is particularly suitable for graduates that are not interested in a scientific career to gain first working experience in a known and familiar (academic) environment. In the light of the project context, you can likewise apply technical expertise and develop communicative and project management skills on the job. 

By the way: If you realize that you would like to do a doctorate, although you originally had not planned to do so, that is ok! Talk to your supervisor immediately so that you both can discuss the new situation and think about a suitable topic.

If you consider working in a(n) academic and project-related context, you might be the ideal candidate for one of our vacancies. Please view them below: