The iFE - innovations in energy efficiency research

The Future Energy - Institute for Energy Research is the first interdisciplinary research institute at OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We are very proud to have members from the fields of electrical engineering and computer engineering, Detmold School of Architecture and Interior Design, mechanical engineering and mechatronics as well as economics in our ranks. The know-how from the various disciplines helps us to develop comprehensive solutions for efficient energy systems and technologies.

What does the iFE actually do?

Vision: live the energy transition, find solutions.

For us, the energy transition is not simply the transition to a resource-saving energy supply. Living the energy transition means being a driving force and innovator for new technologies. This process is the task of politics, science, business and society as its drivers.

For us, the ideal energy system is:    

  • regenerative,     
  • state of the art,     
  • safe and reliable,     
  • sustainable,     
  • accepted by all involved and    
  •  payable.

Please note that the vision is only available in German.

Vision iFE_NEU_Quelle: iFE

Leading image: Agile energy solutions

We define agile energy research as the flexible handling of challenges that arise within the research process. These can be of a technical, political and / or economic nature. Our approach is to approach these without any concerns and to see them as a starting point for further developments. Our goal is to develop efficient, networked and solution-oriented energy systems and technologies that help us to implement the energy transition. Our know-how is the competitive advantage for our partners.