Gebäude Stadtwerke Lemgo_Quelle: Stadtwerke Lemgo
Profilbild Arnd Oberscheven

Arnd Oberscheven

Managing director of Stadtwerke Lemgo GmbH


After working for the energy suppliers in Hanover, Herford and Korbach, Mr. Oberscheven has been the sole managing director of Stadtwerke Lemgo GmbH since 01.04.2002. In his position, he decisively supports and initiates projects

  • that promote the development of environmentally friendly combined heat and power within and outside of Lemgo,
  • such as the construction of a 5 MW electric boiler to convert excess electricity into heat and
  • the expansion of regenerative energy production in the Lippe region.

Commitment to research

This includes the development of a climate protection concept together with the city of Lemgo, in which various aspects of a climate-friendly city, such as a CO2-free city centre or the integration of regenerative heat in the regional district heating network, are presented with the aim of implementing them in the medium term.
In the interests of regional funding, Stadtwerke Lemgo supports the OWL University of Applied Sciences as a source of ideas and an initiator. Thus, in addition to the cooperative introduction of the master's program "Future Energies", a separate research CHP plant of the Stadtwerke has been built on the university campus in order to facilitate the practical research activities of the students.