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Auto BAHN - Autonomous rail traffic in OWL


Mobility is a crucial factor for the quality of life and the economy of urban and rural areas. Our vision is to use networked mobility based on autonomous systems in OWL, which are adapted to the individual needs of the users and thus make daily routes easier and more flexible. Integral components are networking (social, traffic engineering, digital), environmental and climate protection and economy. We want to achieve this vision through four key projects (AUTÖPIA, LastMile, Future Rail, AutoBahn) as part of Regionale 2022 on autonomous mobility for public rail and road transport. The starting point is this comprehensive preliminary study, in which fundamental technical, legal and social questions are answered. The results flow directly into the individual projects and form the basis for the implementation of the lead projects on autonomous transport. In addition to the development of a roadmap “Autonomous Driving 2022 in OWL” and recommendations for action for the four key projects, the preliminary study should identify cooperation structures, the implementation conditions and potential cross-cutting issues

The AutoBAHN project is aimed at a prototypical autonomous rail transport from Lemgo via Dörentrup to Barntrup. In addition to the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the Lippe Regional Railway is a project partner who was able to win the German Mobility Award last year with the MonoCab concept. Professor Dr. Stefan Witte, Vice President for Research and Transfer at the OWL University of Applied Sciences and Arts, knows the challenges of such a project: “We not only have to network the different modes of transport and technologies, but also the actors and operators. For on-demand traffic in Lippe, it is a central goal to better link existing rail traffic with car traffic and to make new solutions usable across all target groups. "



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