Software-supported development of design concepts for music practice rooms

The exercise room is a tool for children and young people who play music for more than 4 hours a day to successfully learn and practice the musical content. It is therefore an important influencing factor for the personality development of talented young students. The special focus in the design of the small exercise rooms focuses on the interaction of the room acoustics and the architecture, which makes it possible to make the practice an event for the children. The juxtaposition and combination of the relevant theoretical basics of room acoustics and the knowledge gained from a room acoustic analysis of the existing practice rooms at the music academy lead to the well-founded formulation of the optimal acoustic quality criteria for the small practice rooms. The designed geometry, atmosphere and acoustics of the rooms of the newly planned music boarding school are presented and then the results of the software-supported simulation of the room acoustics are discussed in relation to the fulfillment of the requirements.