Measuring corporate sustainability, maximizing shareholder value

Although sustainability issues are omnipresent, a company's contribution to sustainability is still hard to measure. This article reconciles the concepts of corporate sustainability and the shareholder value management. The model of Sustainable Value Added is introduced, balancing the synergies and challenges of integration. W ith sustainability issues high on the agenda for business, it is no surprise to find that more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies have sustainability issues on their websites. Yet, even though 90% of major US corporations demonstrate a commitment to sustainability issues, only 35% are able to prove they stick to their principles (Parisi & Maraghini, 2010, p. 131). There is a definite gap when it comes to performance measurement and sustainability. This article attempts to bridge that gap by considering the principles of corporate sustainability. We also ask if it is possible to integrate corporate sustainability and shareholder value management, i.e., the maximization of shareholder value.