Parameter identification related to vertical dynamic of a self-stabilizing monorail vehicle

Currently, numerous single-track railway lines are disused due to economic reasons. However, one way they could be reactivated for a bidirectional on-demand service traffic by small vehicles that use only one rail. MONOCABs are such small cabin-like vehicles, stabilized by a system of control moment gyroscopes and a trim mass. They could make an important contribution to improve the mobility offer especially in rural areas. Regarding the MONOCAB, there is currently no reference in comparison with other vehicles. It is mandatory to gain experience before transferring such a new vehicle concept into commercial operation. Especially the safe and robust commissioning of the stabilization control system is crucial and therefore requires an elaborated procedure. At this step, parameters related to the vertical dynamics have to be determined beforehand. This paper presents a comparative investigation of methods to estimate the moment of inertia and gravitational torque constant. Multiple methods in time-domain and frequency-domain are experimentally evaluated and compared with each other. Experimental tests are carried out with a full-scale monorail vehicle.