Project planning energy and space monitoring

The implementation of a monitoring system, through which data is continuously saved and evaluated while the building is in use, offers the opportunity to identify risks at an early stage in order to avoid consequential damage, but also to carry out root cause research in order to remedy the relevant shortcomings and inefficiencies. In building construction, this can be the monitoring of sensitive building structures, such as the crack width control of structures, leakage warning and detection on flat roofs, or the formation of condensate in structures. However, monitoring the energy loads, identifying deviations from the control system and checking the indoor climate are important areas of application for monitoring.

In the following, the principles for the implementation of monitoring in existing renovations are explained and conveyed how that can be projected for energy optimization and improvement of thermal comfort. The constructive building monitoring for renovation planning, fatigue calculation and estimation of the remaining lifespan is not explained further below.