Utilization of the Asset Administration Shell for the Generation of Dynamic Simulation Models

Dynamic simulation models are widely utilized to evaluate complex technical components and systems like electric drives or machines. They can support the development process of a production machine by avoiding an inadequate layout of components or an erroneous control design. However, the effort for building them is often too high for this purpose (lot size one). An automated model generation can be utilized to overcome the gap between efforts and advantages of dynamic simulations. This contribution presents an approach for simplifying the dynamic model generation of production machines by using the so-called Asset Administration Shell defined by the initiative Platform Industrie 4.0. The Asset Administration Shell was developed to aggregate all data necessary for maintaining the product across its life cycle. This includes component data and models as well as structural information about a machine. The generation process is performed by using the common FMI standard and a two-step procedure which allows the linkage of different simulation tools. The model generation is demonstrated by an example layout of a machine's internal direct current grid.

DOI: 10.1109/IEEM50564.2021.9673089