Sustainable green area maintenance part 2 - pest control

In Part 1, our employee, Sandra, has already dealt with sustainable fertilization: composting. There are also more environmentally friendly methods in the pest control category.

Why should you use the sustainable method when maintaining green areas?

Chemical-based preparations can get into nature via air, waste or water and cause serious damage. These substances are mostly toxic to many different animal species, such as bees. The chemical control agents accumulate in the soil and groundwater and thus enter the human food chain. To avoid this, more sustainable methods are used, which are divided into the following categories:     

  • physical pest control (heat, cold, etc.),     
  • mechanical pest control (types of traps),     
  • biotechnical pest control (traps prepared with attractants),     
  • biological pest control (predators), etc.

As an example of biological pest control in the garden, aphids can be controlled with ladybugs (or other natural predators). When avoiding chemical substances in the house or apartment, you are not exposed to any danger to life or risks (such as: odor irritation). This protects house residents, such as children and / or pets. In addition, you are no longer forced to leave the house / apartment during use. The only requirement for sustainable pest control is patience. It takes some time to completely eliminate pests.


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