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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Regine Mallwitz
Prof.'in Dr.-Ing.

Regine Mallwitz

Power Electronics


After graduating in 1994 and receiving her doctorate in 1999, Ms. Mallwitz worked in product and technology development in various companies, including Infineon Technologies AG and SMA Solar Technology AG.
Since 2014 she has been teaching and researching power electronics at the Institute for Electrical Machines, Drives and Railways (IMAB) of TU Braunschweig. Power electronic components and systems for renewable energy systems, for electromobility as well as energy efficiency are among her main areas of research today.

Commitment to research

Power electronics are a key factor for the energy transition. Power electronic components and systems for energy conversion are indispensable for the use of renewable energies as well as electromobility. Conversely, the expansion of renewable energy systems and electromobility are driving development in power electronics.

Increasing visibility, arousing understanding and enthusiasm for technical issues, especially for power electronic issues, is necessary to drive forward further developments and ultimately ensure our energy supply. The design of good teaching and the enthusiasm of young people also play an important role through insights into current research projects. The Future Energy Institute will contribute to this in the OWL region and beyond. That's why I support the institute and look forward to fruitful cooperation.