The iFE at ICSREE - Maria Schaffer receives the Best Presenter award

The 5th international conference on sustainable and renewable energy engineering took place from May 06-09, 2020. Maria Schaffer and Fynn Bollhöfer participated and presented their papers on sector coupling and charging concepts for electric vehicles. In the course of the online conference, Schaffer was honored as the best speaker at the conference.

At the annual conference "Internal Conference on Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering" (ICSREE), participants discuss the latest developments and findings from their research activities. In the course of the Corona developments, the conference took place online for the first time this year. Maria Schaffer and Fynn Bollhöfer used the platform to present their ideas on “Spot price based CLS management in real world test. A concept worth it? "and the "Impact of different charging management systems on greenhouse gas emissions and charging costs of electric vehicles". Both papers deal with results from the research project “SynErgieOWL”, which is headed by Prof. Johannes Üpping.

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In her contribution “Impact of different charging management systems on greenhouse gas emissions and charging costs of electric vehicles”, Schaffer discusses the problem of the origin of electricity when charging electric vehicles (e-cars). Although e-cars are regularly classified as environmentally friendly and climate-protecting, the electricity with which they are charged often does not come exclusively from renewable energy sources. By fact, electric cars particularly contribute to global warming. In order to make the charging process more sustainable, a charging management system was developed, which automatically schedules the time of charging at the time when the share of renewable energy is particularly available in the power grid. Measurement results show that 80% of the charging processes can be shifted from a period with a low proportion of renewable electricity to a period with a particularly high proportion of renewable electricity in the network. In addition, since there is a correlation between the share of renewable energy in the grid and the exchange rate, the cost of the fee is reduced in this system. With her lecture, Schaffer not only convinced in terms of content. The ICSREE conference committee awarded her the best speaker - congratulations!

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In his paper, Bollhöfer presented a remote system for managing electricity demand in private households based on a controllable local system (CLS). Bollhöfer developed the control signal using the European Energy Exchange (EEX) and forecasts of the share of local renewable energy. The aim is to increase the share of renewable electricity at the time the electricity is needed. The concept is currently tested in 25 households in East Westphalia-Lippe. The system is a draft for new concepts that will also integrate non-intelligent devices in an intelligent infrastructure. Initial results show that a significant shift in energy requirements is possible, but this depends on the technology used and the comfort limits of the user.



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