iFE is a member of 3-D MID e.V.

We are pleased about our membership in the Research Association 3-D MID e.V.!

3D MID stands for Molded Interconnected Device. This technology opens up the possibility of using three-dimensional plastic parts as circuit carriers for electronic and mechatronic assemblies. In other words: 3D-MID is a process which helps to apply metallic conductor tracks to plastic parts. For the user, this technology results in greater freedom in the design of assemblies, cost advantages and a higher functional density.

The Research Association 3-D MID e.V. promotes the further development and marketing of MID technologies. Since the association was founded in 1992, 70 companies and 30 research institutes have been members of 3-D MID. Current technologies are further developed through industrial joint research. The association enables knowledge transfer via the MID congress and trade fair presence, which takes place twice a year, and thus promotes networking and exchange.

For many years, Prof. Holger Borcherding's team has been working intensively with the heart of electronic assemblies, namely the circuit board itself. In addition to the conventional flat assemblies that the team creates in its own electronics production facility, new fields of application for laser direct structuring (LDS). TH OWL employees invented LDS technology, which is used for antennas in almost every mobile phone, many years ago.

The iFE, together with Prof. André Springer's laboratory for laser technology and additive manufacturing, is pursuing the application of LDS in the industrial sector. This is being deepened with the project "3D circuit board structure using polymer coatings of metal substrates and LDS for compact power electronic applications (3D-MC2B)".

The aim of 3D-MC2B is to transform existing surfaces of housings into three-dimensional circuit carriers and derive new possibilities for the integration of electronics, especially power electronics, in tight installation spaces. What is innovative here is the use of powder-coated metal bodies, which have significantly better thermal properties in terms of cooling than conventional circuit cards. “Membership in 3-D MID is a great opportunity for us to share our findings with the specialist community and to develop them further together with our partners. We benefit equally from the network that 3-D MID has built up, ”says Borcherding. "We look forward to cooperation!".

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