Numerical study of the flow characteristics of resversible S-shaped profiles and S-profile-cascades

In addition to the plate shaped, lenses shaped and elliptical profiles used for fully reversible axial fans and pump-turbines, there are also double-cambered (S-shaped) profiles. The thesis aims at investigating the flow around S-shaped profiles and profile cascades using numerical methods of the open source simulation software OpenFOAM. Based on numerical results, there is designed a reversible and highly efficient axial fan, which is then experimentally tested in a test bench.

Overall, there is expected that the outcome of this thesis, namely an efficient and effective numerical method, develops further the characteristics of S-shaped profiles. In the light of the geometry of the profiles, the flow around of S-shaped profiles determines separation and reattachment even at low angles of attack. Since recent empirical studies have been extremely complex, and thus, experimental data is rarely available for these kind of profiles, results of this study will broaden knowledge on airflow in ventilation systems, particularly bidirectional systems. Additionally, the use in pump-turbines can increase the overall efficiency of tidal or pump-storage power plants.