A Stochastic Method for the Detection of Anomalous Energy Consumption in Hybrid Industrial Systems

In the presented work, the detection of anomalous energy consumption in hybrid industrial production systems is investigated. A model-based approach with a timed hybrid automaton as overall system model is employed for anomaly detection. The approach is based on the assumption of several system modes, i.e. phases with continuous system behavior. Transitions between the modes are attributed to discrete control events such as on/off signals. The underlying discrete event system which comprises both system modes and transitions is modeled as finite state machine. The focus of this paper is set on the modeling of the energy consumption in the particular system modes. Sequences of stochastic state space models are employed for this purpose. Model learning and anomaly detection for this approach are considered. The proposed approach is further evaluated in a small model factory. The experimental results show significant improvements compared to existing approaches to anomaly detection in hybrid industrial systems.


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