A European Science Hub in OWL - P2P starts its work

The project "Partner2Partner Energy: European Network for Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency - Science Hub" or simply "P2P" started work on 01.09.2019. Since then, the iFE has been working with the previous project partners from Finland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Belgrade, Greece and Lithuania on the science hub "P2P".

The construction sector has considerable potential for implementing energy efficiency and energy saving measures. The challenge for these measures is on the one hand their economic benefit and on the other hand the acceptance of their importance by the interest groups - population and investors. This project is about the development of a European network in the field of decarbonization of buildings.

"P2P offers a platform that enables actors from science and society - be it the specialist or the citizens' initiative - to network who work for climate protection and increasing energy efficiency in the building sector," says Prof. Susanne Schwickert. Schwickert is a project manager and is looking forward to the challenge ahead of her. “What distinguishes P2P from conventional networks is its scientific basis. As a so-called “Science Hub”, P2P will develop ideas and solutions for an energy-efficient building sector into concrete funding projects that will be implemented on-site by the participants. “What does that mean exactly?

What is P2P?

The P2P actors go together in the lead and use specific examples to develop targeted funding concepts that can help the people on site. “The research context helps us to test technical solutions or business models on site. If a solution proves to be viable, it could - in theory - be used permanently, ”said Schwickert. In other words, the Science Hub develops ideas on social, technical and economic issues with technical expertise. The involvement of the population plays a crucial role in this, because technology is only accepted if at least a sub-population shares this technology and uses it every day.

Network expansion? Yes of course!

Partners from Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Serbia and Switzerland are currently participating in P2P. But the network wants to grow! "We can only be strong on site if we have partners who support us," Schwickert advertises. Due to the specific political and economic situation in the European countries, advocates are always sought to help P2P to promote a project and its acceptance at the local level.

If you are interested in participating or if you would like to learn more, we look forward to hearing from you!

The industry and the residential building sector have considerable potential for implementing energy efficiency and...