What will the drive concepts and energy sources in public transport look like in the future?

Climate change and the finite nature of resources require a rethink in all areas of life - including transport. It goes far beyond the basic question of getting around. Today we are more concerned with the question: what are the right drive concept and the right energy source for sustainable mobility? This question is the subject of a new contribution by Sebastian Dörr and Prof. Thomas Schulte, which was presented at the 11th International Forum for Exhaust and Particle Emissions from 03.-04.03.20.

The international forum for exhaust and particle emissions has been taking place since the beginning of the 2000 years. The forum has since established itself as one of the most important specialist conferences in the field of exhaust gas aftertreatment and the associated measurement challenges within the engine and vehicle industry. The thematic focus of the conference is at the cutting edge, because with the progress of climate change, environmental requirements have also been tightened significantly. New technologies and approaches are required to enable the universal use of alternative drive concepts and to meet the legal requirements.

This is exactly where the paper "Selection of drive concepts and energy sources for sustainable mobility using public transport as an example" by Sebastian Dörr (Ludtrading GmbH) and Prof. Thomas Schulte comes into play. The message of the two authors is clear: The “new” mobility requires approaches that take into account both the origin of the drive energy and a suitable concept for the transition period of technological change. In short: research activities should be open to any technological option. More information can be found in the abstract.

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