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Mobility centers of the future - development of a guideline for a multimodal hub


Due to an increasing heterogeneity of the demand for mobility (e.g. intermodality, multimodality, "use instead of own" approaches) and ever shorter innovation cycles in vehicle development and drive technology (e.g. electromobility, alternative fuels, automated or autonomous driving and parking) will the existing concepts of parking garages - namely the predominant provision of parking spaces for motorized private transport - no longer be suitable in future in order to cover the mobility needs of the population. Demographic change and the potential of digitisation also offer new opportunities and challenges in this context. Against this background, new or replacement buildings planned today must be designed so that they can be used until 2060 in terms of architecture, traffic planning, and building technology (here: both physical structure and building energy supply).

The variety of innovations on the requirements and solutions side and the need to replace previously used parking garages in a timely manner - before a comprehensive awareness of parking space providers has taken place, presents a new challenge to planners, executors and operators given that, the exact direction and development of mobility is currently not predictable. Therefore, the final task for a future mobility center cannot yet be defined. Current requirements and functional descriptions for the construction task "public parking garage" are not a sustainable basis - neither qualitatively nor quantitatively - for future mobility structures.

This study defines a "mobility center" or a "multimodal hub" as a multimodal transport hub in the form of a building with integrated parking facilities, charging and tank systems, which offers various services (e.g. rental service, parcel stations and parcel depots) and other usage units (e.g. local authorities, Citizens Advice) can be combined.

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