Auf dem Weg zum "mitdenkenden" Antrieb

There is undoubtedly still room for improvement in the individual components of the drive train - the innovations of the relevant manufacturers show this. But since a large proportion of the electrical drives of machines and systems have been electronically or regulated, the electronic part or the intelligent combination of mechanics, electrical engineering and electronics / control technology (= mechatronics) has certainly been the greatest “lever” for optimization measures. With all the advances made possible by the introduction of mechatronics in drive technology, the principle still applies today: the control system, and with it the entire drive system, is only intelligent insofar as intelligent people are responsible for development and programming.

The drive does not (yet) have some inherent intelligence. However, the use of modern control technology creates the basis for developing self-optimizing (drive) systems that are equipped with inherent partial intelligence and are able to react to changing environmental conditions. “Partial intelligence” because the drives can only recognize defined conditions and adapt accordingly and because the way in which they do this is in turn developed by humans and implemented in the machines or drives.