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Future Energy/ Quarter Energy - Energy research for neighbourhoods, mobility and work environments


The successful design of the energy transition for an environmentally friendly, affordable and reliable supply is a decisive driving force for social development and growth. In order to achieve the climate protection goals of North Rhine-Westphalia, it is necessary to research not only decentralized energy structures, but above all the energy configuration of neighbourhoods, forward-looking mobility concepts and the energy-technical redesign of work environments.

Although the energy transition and the associated expansion of renewable energies are generally rated very positively, the actual implementation often goes hand in hand with the considerable concerns of those involved. The reasons for this discrepancy are, on the one hand, the direct effects of the energy transition faced by the population (e.g. rising EEG levy); and on the other hand, the daily and seasonally volatile nature of regenerative energies themselves. Efficient and intelligent management and additional storage options are therefore necessary to answer questions about the reliability, practicability and affordability of the energy supply.

Consequently, there is a considerable need to gear the concrete design of the energy transition more closely to the needs of all those involved through technical innovations and economically sustainable concepts. Only if the overall view of society and the actions of the individual participants as actors in the energy supply are positively influenced by appropriate incentives, measures and communication can the energy transition succeed as a societal consensus.

This is where the newly formed Future Energy Institute starts: In interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, system innovations for the sustainable use and provision of energy are being developed. Interactions between technical, economic, social and ecological aspects are considered by the interdisciplinary research group and their cooperation partners. The newly founded institute addresses the great social challenge of safe, clean and efficient energy. It also flanks the aspects of security, participation and social cohesion in social change as well as climate protection, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials.

"Quarter Energy" is the institute's first structural project.

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